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Merchant Cash Advance 

Strategic Partnership Program

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1.16 - 1.34

Buy Rates

$10K +

Funding Minimum

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page is, not can it be construed or interpreted to be, an offer, commitment, or guarantee from 6th Avenue Capital, or any of its representatives or agents. Programs, rates and other terms and conditions on this page are subject to change without notice. All financing are subject to credit and underwriting approval.

Integrity and Transparency

Same commissions on renewals. Never backdooring deals.

Aligned Interests and Syndication

Syndications and lines of credit offers you the same returns on your commissions that the funders are earning.

Same Day Decisions On All Deals

In-house underwriting team targets pre-approvals in under 4 hours.


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F: 1-888-747-8744
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Attractive Commissions

Faster Approval



Full Control


Attractive buy rate programs and no forced markup.  We trust you to make the right call.

Exceptional Support Staff

Relationship managers and quick responses leave you available to do what you do best. 


Exceptional Service


Experienced Underwriting

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